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Australian inspired illustrations are printed on ethically made clothing for women, men and children.

About us

‘Cumbungi’ the clothing label is the illustrative work of Australian artist Beth Carlon. Centering around Australian themes particularly animals, all the designs are hatched and printed in Sydney, Australia.

Beth prefers to print on quality garments that are made locally or sourced from foreign companies that are members of either the Fair Labor Association or Fair Wear Foundation. As well as looking after their workers, these companies also abide by the Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production laws and codes of conduct; ensuring the garments have been created via an environmentally sustainable process.

What does Cumbungi mean?

Cumbungi is also the name of an intriguing reed-like, indigenous semi-aquatic plant found in various parts of Australia. Plants very similar to Cumbungi are found in various parts of the world, known as Bulrush or Bullrush in the UK and Cat's tail in the USA.

Considered a nuisance by farmers for decades, in recent years Cumbungi has gained much respect as it's been discovered it plays a vital role in wetlands, assisting purification of water ways by removing pesticides, bacteria and other pollutants. It also provides shelter and protection for water birds and other aquatic organisms and creatures - many of which feature in Cumbungi Clothing designs!

Historically too, Australian Aboriginals used the floury (gluten free bush tucker) rhizomes of Cumbungi as a staple food. Such a versatile plant! The Cumbungi plant is also prominent in the Riverina district of New South Wales where Beth grew up.